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Reducing Injuries in Distribution Centers

SRI-Ergonomics partnered with a large East Coast grocery chain to help decrease the rates of strain and sprain injuries particularly among their warehouse Order Selectors.  These injuries were due to:

  • Highly repetitive handling of cases and other grocery items
  • Heavy weights of many of these cases
  • Awkward postures required to remove cases from slots and position them on outbound pallets

Our ergonomics efforts included:

  • Providing in-depth ergonomics training to groups of managers, safety & health personnel, and production employees
  • Conducting ergonomics assessments of production jobs and providing recommendations for process improvement
  • Developing corporate- and facility-level ergonomics teams and an overall macroergonomics process for the company

The result of these collective efforts resulted in a 50% reduction in injuries the year after all work was completed.  Access our free manual for more information:

Best Practices Guide for the Reduction of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Food Distribution Centers