Biannual Ergonomics Short Course


Our popular short course, Putting Ergonomics into Practice, educates attendees on how to systematically understand and then integrate ergonomics principles into the workings of a company or organization.  This course integrates lectures with case studies, demonstrations, and workshops to show how ergonomics can be used to reduce workplace injuries and improve productivity, safety, and employee satisfaction.

The course is typically held in the Spring (May) and the Autumn (September - October) time frames, with limited enrollment to ensure full class participation.  It also offers CEU credits.  Each offering will be held in one of two ways, depending on demand:

  • In-Person, over 3-1/2 continuous days, at SRI-Ergonomics facilities on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus; or

  • Remotely, over a two-week period, where attendees interact directly with OSU lecturers  and other students periodically and then conduct other class activities on their own time.

Topics covered in the course typically include:

Principles of workplace biomechanics
Integrating employee body size and individual differences in workplace designs
The use of state-of-the-art ergonomics assessment tools
Structure of the back, hand/wrist, shoulder, and neck, and how these joints are impacted by cumulative trauma
How psychosocial and work organization factors impact employee health
Workplace design solutions for reducing musculoskeletal disorders and improving productivity
Overcoming the resistance to change due to ergonomics improvements
New technologies for improving workplace health
Setting up and maintaining an effective ergonomics process
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Over the past decade, this short course has been attended by over 750 professionals having a wide variety of job responsibilities, including: Safety & Health Professionals; Engineers; Risk & Loss Control Managers; Healthcare Workers; Managers & Supervisors; HR Personnel; Union Representatives; and Workers' Compensation Coordinators.

Over 40 U.S. states have been represented by our attendees, in addition to 11 different countries!


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Upcoming Short Courses

The 2023 offerings of our ergonomics short course, Putting Ergonomics Into Practice, have both passed.  Check back here soon to find the dates for our 2024 offerings.

Spring 2023 (remote) 

May 1st - 5th and May 8th - 12th - Event has passed

Autumn 2023 (in-person, at Ohio State)

October 10th - 13th - Event has passed

We hosted a wonderful group of attendees from around the country; thanks for your involvement!

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