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Ergonomics Awareness Training for Production Employees, held at Client's Facility



Our experience has shown that an awareness of ergonomics concepts is important to employees doing the work most affected by job changes. They will benefit from understanding:

  • WHY ergonomics efforts are being initiated in the company

  • HOW ergonomics principles can be used to improve their working conditions and reduce their potential for injury

  • HOW, WHEN, and TO WHOM they should report physical discomfort and symptoms of cumulative trauma.

Each training program we develop is tailored to specific company needs, including the length of the sessions, the topics presented, and where and when sessions are held. 

Common training topics include:

  • WHAT ergonomics is (in laymen's terms), and the relevance of its principles to their jobs

  • HOW to recognize symptoms of cumulative trauma disorders and WHEN to report them

  • WHY their expertise with the job is important in implementing ergonomics-related changes

  • WHO in the facility to convey concerns and suggested improvements


Contact Dr. Gary Allread, SRI-Ergonomics Program Director, to Learn More: