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Technology Collaborators

At the Spine Research Institute, we are constantly pushing the cutting edge with our research.  As a result, we often work with industry experts in technological areas where our needs extend beyond the feature sets currently available on the market.  Listed below are some of the companies we are currently working with to advance state-of-the art technologies that we use in our laboratories.

Optitrack Avatar


OptiTrack builds world-class optical motion capture systems for tracking human movement.  Together, we have worked to push the capabilities of their optical motion capture systems for biomechanics research through efforts to integrate peripheral technologies, improve anatomical validity, and streamline workflow.

Bertec Hand Transducers


Bertec has been building cutting-edge force measurement technologies since the 1980s.  Together, we have designed and implemented custom force sensor solutions that include optical motion capture markers so that force plates can be tracked dynamically by optical motion capture systems.

Columbus McKinnon rails

Columbus McKinnon

Columbus McKinnon is a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of custom material handling systems.  Together, we have designed and implemented a variety of overhead railing solutions for both research and industrial injury prevention purposes.