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Ergonomics Training for Health & Safety Personnel, held at Client's Facility



Health and safety professionals are on the front-line for addressing ergonomics concerns.  So, it is important that they are kept up-to-speed with the latest ergonomics best practices, research findings, and tools & techniques.  For this reason, SRI-Ergonomics designs more in-depth courses for those who will be primarily responsible for addressing future ergonomics concerns in a company or organization.

Our team will work with you to tailor the training curriculum to your specific company needs.  This includes the topics covered, the length and timing of the training, and the preferred format.  When possible, we also will conduct hands-on assessments out in the facility, to further facilitate learning.







Common training topics include:

  • Basic ergonomics and biomechanical principles, and how these principles apply to each major section of the body (e.g., hands, wrists, shoulders, back, and neck)

  • The importance of addressing body size differences in employees

  • Several of the latest evaluation tools used by ergonomists to assess injury risk

  • How to develop solutions to improve working conditions

  • How an effective ergonomics process is established and sustained

All ergonomics training courses are filled with company-specific examples, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops.


Contact Dr. Gary Allread, SRI-Ergonomics Program Director, to Learn More: