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Causal Pathways

Causal pathways explain the complex system of biopsychosocial factors and events that eventually lead to a musculoskeletal disorder. Once a disorder's pathway is known, we can use it to prevent disorders or help devise a personalized treatment plan to improve patient health.

Biopsychosocial Model

Factors that influence chronic musculoskeletal disorders

Points of Pride

Biological The way our bodies grow, heal, and degenerate is influenced by genetics, our age, and the physical exposures we experience throughout our personal and professional lives.
Psychological Our personality, preferences, and beliefs drive our decision making process when we are faced with an injury or risk, and can even affect the way we respond physically to social stress.
Sociological Social factors such as norms and support often drive how an individual responds to risk or injury, and social stress can actually increase the physical tissue loading an individual experiences.
Biopsychosocial Model