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Benefits of ergonomics

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Consultants at SRI-Ergonomics are dedicated to the application of ergonomics and workplace biomechanical principles to ensure that job tasks, equipment, and consumer products are both safe and effective at improving the work environment. SRI continues a long tradition of ergonomics / human factors research and industry partnerships at Ohio State, emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach to work system design. Our unique organization allows us to not only conduct state-of-the art ergonomics research, but to then translate that knowledge to the direct benefit of our clients.

    • Reduced number and cost of injuries

    • Increased productivity

    • Enhanced efficiency

    • Less turnover

    • Higher levels of job satisfaction

    • Improved work operations


    Seat Handling
    The SRI-Ergonomics team comprises board-certified professional ergonomists who have decades of experience providing ergonomics technical assistance to companies, organizations, and other groups who need guidance from ergonomics experts.
    Ergonomics Training
    SRI-Ergonomics provides several types of training services to fit the needs of our clients. Training programs can include lectures, case studies from our consulting services, hands-on demonstrations, and class workshops. We also offer a popular bi-annual
    Applied Research
    Experts working at SRI-Ergonomics are involved in a wide variety of efforts aimed to study workplace, product, and equipment issues that impact employee health and safety. We use quantitative measurement techniques to provide accurate and objective data
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