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Knowledge Transfer

At the Spine Research Institute, we believe that the dissemination of knowledge will play a key role in our ability to achieve our mission.  The following services are some ways in which we are helping to educate the world about back pain:

Ergonomics Short Course

Our popular bi-annual short course, Putting Ergonomics into Practice, is a four day training course that integrates lectures, case studies, hands-on demonstrations, and workshops to teach attendees how they can improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and safety through ergonomics.

Ergonomics Handbooks

Our team has authored a series of ergonomics handbooks that give readers the ability to apply a wide variety of concepts to improve their work environment.

Technical Books

These books go into more detail with regards to the causal pathways that lead to back pain in the workplace, and teach readers how to assess a work environment and prescribe effective interventions.


The Spine Research Institute is currently working on a series of iBooks that aim to educate the general public about back pain.  Check back soon for updates on this project.