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Ergonomics Services

The Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPEs) on our team have decades of experience in providing personalized ergonomics solutions to companies, organizations, and other groups who are interested in improving worker satisfaction, productivity, and safety.

We differ from other ergonomics consulting firms in that our quantitative methods are backed by evidence-based research.  We currently offer the following ergonomics services:

Risk Quantification

Quantitative risk assessment methods allow us to identify the root cause of risk within a specific job.

Work Intervention

Quantitatively evaluate the effectiveness of potential interventions under realistic conditions.

Integrated Workplace Design

Connect companies to OEM equipment suppliers to provide custom integrated workplace designs.

Management & Support

Comprehensive management and support for vertical integration of ergonomics.

Ergonomics Consulting

We can deliver custom ergonomics solutions by using quantitative methods that allow us to identify the root cause of risk.