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Personalized Modeling

The Spine Research Institute has developed a unique person-specific biomechanical modeling platform that integrates some of the most advanced human measurement technologies and software applications currently available.  This biologically-assisted platform allows us to develop personalized solutions that help prevent spine disorders and improve patient health, and serves as a foundation for the development of future technologies.


This example shows a personalized evaluation of a person who is lifting a box from the floor. The blue arrows represent the muscle forces that are generated in the torso during this lift, and the vertebrae colors represent the forces that the vertebral endplates are being exposed to with green being low force and red being hi force.

This example shows the ability of our high end models to evaluate the effectiveness of a total disc replacement at L5-S1. A study performed at the Spine Research Institute found that for this individual, the total disc replacement resulted in increased motion at the L5-S1 level. This increase in motion created larger ligament and facet contact forces compared to the original healthy spine.