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Allread Discusses Workplace Design for those in Social Isolation


Having to work from home can be a real pain in the back.  Or neck.  Literally.  

Many professionals who must now telecommute due to the current pandemic have never had to work from home for long periods of time.  As a result, they may not have the knowledge, ability, or resources to set up their workstations so that they can operate comfortably and at their best. 



Dr. Gary Allread, Program Director for SRI-Ergonomics at Ohio State, was recently interviewed by Risk & Insurance magazine, about how employees who are temporarily working from home can create a proper computer work space.  He explained that, if people are doing work in postures that are more physically fatiguing, they may become distracted by the physical discomfort they may be experiencing.  As a result, they might tired more easily, take added breaks, decide to stop working earlier, and make more mistakes.  Unfortunately, many employers have not provided their staffs with tools and information that enable them to successfully navigate to a home work arrangement. 

Allread also mentioned the psychological aspect of work.  For example, employees may be used to or enjoy working in a busy, noisy environment, where there is a lot of interaction with other people.  Now, they are much more likely to be working alone, where they are socially isolated.  That can impact their work motivation and how well they can do their job. 

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