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OSU: SRI officially an NSF musculoskeletal disorder prevention site




The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a grant to Ohio State’s Spine Research Institute to establish an official site focusing on comprehensive approaches to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

The purpose of this Site is to create a more comprehensive and quantitative understanding of causal pathways for the development of both primary and secondary MSDs in the occupational environment.

Our site is now one of the many Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers that exists nationwide.  These centers are long-term partnerships between industry representatives, research institutions, and government entities.  NSF invests in these sites to promote research, contribute to U.S. scientific knowledge, enhance the engineering and science workforces, and facilitate technology transfer to industry.

The research to be conducted at this site is directed by our industry members.  Member companies gain several benefits, including:

  • Guiding innovative injury prevention research and work assessment tools
  • Discovering state-of-the-art trends in primary and secondary injury prevention
  • Networking and benchmarking with industry colleagues
  • Establishing relationships with a broad array of leading researchers
  • Leveraging research funding with low overhead (10%)
  • Getting a large return on member investment (estimated at ~3.5)
  • Gaining pre-publication access to important research outcomes
  • Having opportunities to recruit students for full-time positions

Read Ohio State's official press release

To learn more about this exciting venture, please contact SRI-Ergonomics

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