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Case Examples

The most effective way to combat musculoskeletal disorders is to prevent them from ever occurring.  For most companies, however, this is easier said then done.  It is often very difficult to identify what is truly causing the development of these disorders.  Especially in the spine, the damage has generally already been done before an employee starts to experience pain.

At the Spine Research Institute, we use quantitative tools and frameworks to identify the root cause of injuries that are occurring within a specific workplace.  Once the root causes have been identified, we can cost-effectively modify only the portions of the job that are creating risk rather than scrapping the entire job all together and starting over.

We have successfully applied our quantitative approach for preventing musculoskeletal disorders to a broad range of industries and applications including but not limited to:

In some industries we have been able to reduce injury rates by over 90%, creating a near-immediate return-on-investment for the companies involved.  If your company is suffering from costly employee injuries and losses in productivity, please contact the Spine Research Institute today and let us help you create a safer and more productive work environment.