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Make a GiftThe But for Ohio State campaign is a $2.5 billion fundraising endeavor that invites those who believe in Ohio State to invest in our students, our faculty, and our potential.  The Spine Research Institute is fortunate to be a part of this campaign, and is excited to have the opportunity to hear what spine research means to you.  

Our team is all too familiar with the devastating effects that lumbar and cervical spine injuries and disorders can have on an individual's life.  However, we are also familiar with the impactful advancements that can be made via dedicated research.  We believe that our research will change the way we understand, prevent, evaluate, and treat these disorders, and that our job is not complete until the world is free of their burden. As many as 85% of adults suffer from back pain at some point in their life, which means that you likely have or know someone who has been affected.  Tell us your story, and help us to achieve a happier and healthier world that is free of lumbar and cervical spine disorders.