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SRI-Ergonomics consultants are board-certified professional ergonomists (CPE) that have decades of both academic and industrial experience providing quantitative ergonomics services to a diverse array of industries.  They specialize in translating the latest evidence-based research into your company's unique workplace to help improve safety, prevent injuries, and increase productivity.  SRI-Ergonomics solutions are unlike any checklist or other big box solution in that they are both customized based on your specific needs and backed by decades of research and validation.  Our consulting services may include activities such as:

  • Ergonomics evaluations within a facility to identify and prioritize areas with potentially harmful exposures
  • Detailed quantitative ergonomics assessments of specific work activities and production areas
  • Multi-facility systems assessments of industrial environments
  • Assistance integrating ergonomics initiatives within existing work environments
  • Evaluation and testing of consumer products and equipment