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Identify your Ergonomic Awareness

Work Environments Require a Systems-Oriented Approach

Like our bodies, the environments we operate in are intricate systems. Is your business aware of the ripple effect that poor ergonomics or quick-fixes can have within the complex structure of your workplace? Without applying a systems-oriented ergonomic solution to your work environment, employees can unnecessarily suffer from work-related injuries, resulting in higher costs for your company.

Answer the questions below to help assess your business’ level of ergonomic understanding. Regardless of where your company falls on the spectrum, ergonomics within the workplace is an iterative process, so there will typically be room for improvement.

Take the Ergonomic Awareness Quiz

Answer the following:

  1. Do the majority of people within your company know what ergonomics is?
  2. Has a team of specialists assessed your work environment for ergonomic issues?
  3. Does your business provide ergonomics training?
  4. Does your business have an in-house ergonomics team?

If you answered “yes” to three or more of the questions, your business is ergo aware. If not, we would consider your company an ergo beginner.

Ergo Beginner

For the business that answered “no” to at least half of the questions above, you may have noticed that your work environment is conducive to injuries and, therefore, high turnover. Additionally, people in pain are not as happy or productive as those not in pain. Take the next steps for a happier, healthier, more productive work environment.

Steps for the Ergo Beginner

We recommend the following:

  • Assess your work environment: SRI Ergo is continually researching and innovating within the ergonomic industry, and we’ve produced reference information that can help you assess your environment. Read you might have an ergo problem if… for common signs that your business has an ergonomic problem.
  • Consult ergo experts: At SRI Ergo, we are certified professional ergonomists engaging in state-of-the-art research and solutions. If you’d like us to assess your work environment or if you’d like to attend one of our training courses, reach out and let us know.

Ergo Advanced

For the ergo advanced business, you might already have ergonomic processes in place or even have in-house ergonomic experts.

Steps for the Ergo Advanced

Many of the steps for ergonomic beginners above could apply to your business, especially if you’re implementing new processes, expanding, or moving to a new location. In addition to these events, if you’re still noticing high employee turnover, low productivity, or injuries, your business needs to reevaluate its ergonomic implementations.

SRI Ergo has ergonomic solutions for every level

Improved ergonomics make employees happier and production lines more efficient. Additionally, the money saved from paying medical costs, plus the money gained from more efficient production, has a giant impact on a company’s bottom line. Get started today so you can work in a happier, more efficient, and profitable workplace.