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July 2015

Identify your Ergonomic Awareness

Work Environments Require a Systems-Oriented Approach

Like our bodies, the environments we operate in are intricate systems. Is your business aware of the ripple effect that poor ergonomics or quick-fixes can have within the complex structure of your workplace? Without applying a systems-oriented ergonomic solution to your work environment, employees can unnecessarily suffer from work-related injuries, resulting in higher costs for your company.

Answer the questions below to help assess your business’ level of ergonomic understanding. Regardless of where your company falls on the spectrum, ergonomics within the workplace is an iterative process, so there will typically be room for improvement.

Take the Ergonomic Awareness Quiz

Answer the following:

  1. Do the majority of people within your company know what ergonomics is?
  2. Has a team of specialists assessed your work environment for ergonomic issues?
  3. Does your business provide ergonomics training?
  4. Does your business have an in-house ergonomics team?

If you answered … 

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