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April 2015

You Might Have an Ergonomics Problem If…

Many companies face ergonomics issues without even realizing it. Everyone, at one point or another, becomes complacent with their environment, and employers can easily forget how to objectively observe the workplace.

It is normal to fall into these ruts—we are human, after all—but ergonomics issues can lead to costly, harmful musculoskeletal disorders, injuring workers and eroding your bottom line. According to OSHA, MSDs now account for 1 out of every 3 dollars spent on workers’ compensation claims.[i] Eliminating them would cut costs by one third.

These problems can be prevented, too, if the symptoms are spotted early.

Is your workplace at risk? It’s very possible. Keep in mind that you might have an ergonomics problem if you notice the following issues.

Telltale Data

Has your HR department been hounding you about certain illuminating data? Spreadsheets and reports are often good tools for gaining a straightforward view of the impact … 

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