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March 2015

Why Hire an Ergonomics Consultant?


Anyone who has faced a budget can understand the staggering price of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Each year back injuries cost organizations about $100 billion.[i] When injuries occur, companies settle compensation claims but also suffer a slew of indirect costs, like lowered productivity and new employee training. A 1990 OSHA study found that these costs could be almost three times as high as direct costs. Furthermore, injuries erode worker morale, which can also curtail efficiency.

Such costs fuel a vicious circle of loss. To promote a company’s bottom line, managers must improve ergonomics processes, which means either going it alone or hiring an ergonomics consultant.

Seek Certified Professionals

Search the internet and you will find any number of pseudo-ergo gadgets claiming to solve common complaints: desks to alleviate sore backs, keyboards for aching wrists. On the surface, these “voodoo ergonomics” seem to offer inexpensive solutions, but in the long … 

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