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January 2015

The Unexpected Benefits of Good Ergonomics

We’ve told you before about the staggering costs of musculoskeletal injuries that result from poor ergonomics – the average cost of a chronic low back disorder is $100,000. Process changes that improve your ergonomics can save your company big in reduced injuries and workers’ compensation claims. They can help in other ways as well – some not quite so obvious. Here’s a quick look at some of the lesser-appreciated benefits of good ergonomics.

Improved Productivity

Investing in ergonomics can boost the productivity of your workers. A 2003 study found in International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics found that a printed circuit assembly factory implemented ergonomics improvements and as a result saved $574,560 in a year on rejection costs. In addition, they saw a reduction in the rejection rate, an increase in monthly revenue, and improvements to productivity and quality.

Another study published in a 2003 edition of Ergonomics provides … 

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