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Biodynamics Laboratory - Main Lab SpaceMain Lab Space

The main lab space is generally where full-scale experiments are performed and has been configured in the past to simulate airline baggage handling, mining, patient handling, cashiering, industrial cart handling, automotive seating, palletizing, and many other tasks.

Biodynamics Laboratory - Research AnnexResearch Annex

The research annex is where the majority of our basic science research is conducted.  The data collected here is generally used for developing and validating our personalized biomechanical models.  This space can also be configured to simulate industrial tasks that do not require the worker to move large distances, and is often used for studies that require biofeedback since computer screens, tvs, and projectors are readily available.

Biodynamics Laboratory - Computational Modeling RoomComputational Modeling Room

Researchers who work in the computational modeling room are dedicated to developing and validating personalized biomechanical models.  The modeling team has access to a number of high-end engineering workstations, state-of-the-art modeling software licenses, and sophisticated presentation tools including multiple interactive surfaces.  The team also has access to the Ohio Supercomputer Center for especially time-intensive calculations.

Biodynamics Laboratory - Conference RoomConference Room

The conference room features an interactive white board paired with a ceiling-mounted short-throw projector that can be accessed wirelessly from any laptop or from the room's dedicated desktop.  Other features include full network access and a video conferencing system.  A full library of journal articles, theses, dissertations, and field related materials are available as well.

Biodynamics Laboratory - OfficesOffices

The offices in the back of the lab can accommodate 12 staff members or students and are organized to facilitate collaboration.  This area also contains a large table that can be used for informal meetings, group projects, or dining.

Biodynamics Laboratory - Equipment Storage RoomEquipment Storage Room

The equipment storage room contains three large industrial storage racks that are used to organize and store a variety of measurement systems when they are not in use.  Additionally, the wall that separates the equipment storage room from the main lab space can be retracted  to create a larger contiguous area for studies that require additional room.